Arguably, peanut butter and chocolate is the best combination ever, but there’s a new kid on the block – the combination of your money and the concept of impact investing.

Did you know you have the power to change the world with your dollars? Everything you spend your money on sends a message. This is a concept I’ve become really dialed into the last couple of years, so I was pumped to speak with Catherine Berman, co-founder, and CEO of CNote, an award-winning investment platform where you earn a better return while investing in causes and communities that matter to you.

What You’ll Learn

  • Is socially responsible investing just a fad or a great way to invest some of your dollars for a profit
  • What has lead to the growth of socially responsible investing
  • What makes for a socially responsible fund
  • How CNote is working to tie your investing dollars with impact
  • What portion of your money should be investing in impact investing funds



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