While you’re busy Googling best ways to pay off debt, and best mutual funds to invest in, and best ways to build a budget, you should also be paying attention to best ways to travel.

if you’re going to travel, you might as well know some of the insider tricks to save money, like how you could save a ton of cash just by traveling to and from a different airport. I’ve saved thousands and thousands of dollars over the last few years with different smart money moves that I’ve made, but I wanted to chat with Jesse from Dollar Flight Club to find out what else we should know about to saving money when we travel.

What You’ll Learn

  • What are some of the secret ways to find flight deals
  • Busting apart some long-held travel myths so you can find the best deal
  • Why traveling to and from a different airport can save you a lot of cash
  • The difference between Dollar Flight Club and Google Flights
  • How to find the best travel deals within the U.S.



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