Ras Asan means business. As a black millennial male himself, he co-founded BREAUX Capital rising from his own needs to figure out a different way to approach financial wellness. He figured if other black millennials were having the problems he was having, then he needed to start a company to meet their needs. BREAUX Capital’s innovation is shaking up the fin-tech space and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

On This Podcast Episode:

Ras is one of those guests that I could talk to for hours. He’s articulate, diverse, and has learned many money lessons along his own entrepreneurial journey that he’s sharing on this episode.

Cooperatively owned and operated, BREAUX Capital is focused on increasing the financial wellness of millennial Black males. Since launching with only $500, BREAUX Capital has bootstrapped its way to serving members across the country. BREAUX Capital leverages a combination of software and a membership community to enhance the short and long-term financial health of its members.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Ras and Breaux Capital will continue to shake up this old-fashioned industry.

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