Buying your first house is no joke – from the downpayment to the mortgage, to finding the right house, to the paperwork and more, it can be quite a process. So how do you buy your first house with ease and avoid some rookie, aka costly, mistakes? 

buying your first home

Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, co-hosts of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast and authors of the new book, First Time Homebuyer, are our guests on this episode to share how to buy your first home, why your purchase really isn’t an investment, the importance of an exit strategy, and why you shouldn’t think about buying a house without a reserve fund. So press pause on HGTV, and tune in for this how-to-buy a home episode.

What You’ll Learn

  • Your first-time home buyer checklist
  • Why your home purchase really isn’t an investment
  • The importance of an exit strategy
  • How to find your payback period
  • Is this a good time to buy your first house
  • How to think like an investor when you buy a home
  • Why you need a strong reserve fund


Meet Scott and Mindy

Scott Trench is CEO of BiggerPockets, co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast, a real estate investor and broker, and a bestselling author of Set for Life. Through a solid understanding of money management, calculated risks, and a lot of hard work, he created financial freedom for himself as well as a successful real estate business just three years after graduating college. Scott currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and enjoys skiing, rugby, craft beers, and terrible punny jokes.

Mindy Jensen has been buying and selling homes for more than twenty years. Currently, she’s working on her ninth live-in flip—she buys ugly houses, moves in, makes them beautiful, sells them, and starts the process all over again. She is a licensed real estate agent in Colorado, co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast, author of How to Sell Your Home, and the Community Manager for When you can get her to stop talking about real estate, you can find her on her bike or adventuring in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

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