Maybe you’re wondering when the right time to buy a house is or why you should even consider buying a house. The good news is that you’re not alone and we all have those questions and doubts.

Last week we talked to Cari from Unison about powerful ways to afford to buy a home without saving 20% down payment, and in this episode, we’ve got a fantastic interview with Gerry Burchard who is both a real estate agent and a customer of Unison. You’re going to love this episode whether you own a house or buying one is on your to-do list for the future.


What You’ll Learn

  • Is now (or ever) the right time to buy a house
  • What are some homebuying trends that millennials need to be aware of
  • Why would you buy vs. rent a house
  • How powerful the concept of leverage is with your money (aka, what could you be doing better with your money)
  • Some of the biggest myths working a real estate agent and how do you find one
  • How Unison helped Gerry maximize his home purchase


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