The millennial generation is unlike any before it. There’s good stuff like technology and digital apps and not so good stuff like new money worries and a changing job climate. Today’s guest, Referred to by Forbes magazine as the millennial expert, Andrew Au agrees that the millennial generation isn’t lazy, they’re just different and banks need to start responding to these differences.

The stats don’t like – three out of every four millennials are in debt and the problem isn’t getting better. What responsibility do banks have in this mess? Andrew is offering some good advice in this episode to help you think about where you put your money and how they are helping you meet your money goals.

how to get out of debt

What You’ll Learn

  • What responsibilities bank have with the increasing millennial debt
  • How to know if your bank is helping you or hurting your money goals
  • How to best use all the money apps and tools
  • What the future is of money management tech


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