News out of Washington D.C. is not the cheeriest these days almost midway through 2018, so it’s refreshing when electronic-pop trio SHAED (pronounced “shade”) has become a ray of sunlight on the nation’s capital evolving music scene – a badge of honor this young band wears proudly. Following in the footsteps paved by other notable D.C. area legends as Bad Brains, Fugazi and hall of famer Marvin Gaye, SHAED has their sights on a breakout year with an upcoming national tour and stellar new EP due out later this summer.


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SHAED is somewhat of a family affair, with twin-brothers Spencer and Max Ernst on the music side and Chelsea Lee bringing the vocals. Spencer and Chelsea are even engaged, and all three recently moved into a home together, where the band housemates were inspired to write and record their latest collection of songs. Not only a band, but the three are also close friends, jamming Frank Sinatra and old-school jazz as they cook dinner every night. Even so, this trio cuts a broad swath of musical talent weaving delicate, hypnotic pop-synths with grandiose lyrics and seductively powerful vocals. SHAED is a band to watch out for in the coming years.

We caught up with SHAED as they just completed their last rehearsal before hitting the road for a string of dates with X Ambassadors. The trio had a lot to chat about, from the impact a fantasy novel had on the band, to the thunder of Bernie Sanders and writing songs at an empty Air B&B in Death Valley.

My co-host for the podcast is my husband, Jeff Game, a travel, and music journalist that’s always on the hunt for a good story to tell.

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