Stockholm is full of amazing restaurants and top chefs that are charting the course for the evolving food scene. Join us on a tour around the Stockholm food scene with three amazing chefs.

This week we are talking about how the Stockholm food scene is evolving making Stockholm the next great food city.

The new Swedish food scene landscape has become as diverse and creative as any culinary scene in the world. Today’s Swedish chefs are taking the basics of simple cooking and merging Swedish unique design with innovation and mad culinary skills. Stockholm is now home to more Michelin star award winners than ever before in its culinary history.

From amazing Asian food, to restaurants that only use wood burning ovens, to some mighty tasty burgers that will rival any U.S. burger joints. Stockholm is truly a foodies paradise.

On This Podcast Episode:

We spoke with owner and creator of one of the hottest burger places in Stockholm, Jon Widegren of Flippin’ Burgers.

Flip Burger 2

Top TV chef and owner of Michelin star award-winning reataurant Ekstedt, Niklas Ekstedt, where they only use wood burning ovens to make all their food.

Ekstedt 2

Our friend Jakob Johansson gave us some his favorite restaurants in the city.


Two Michelin award-winning chef and owner of Oaxen Krog and Oaxen Slip, Magnus Ek, talked to us about what might surprise you about today’s Stockholm food scene.

Magnus Ek

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