The reason why the TV show Portlandia is so funny and seemingly so real is because they usually nail all the quirkiness, funkdom and all around awesome independent spirit that runs through Portland. It’s certainly not by chance that the phrase “Keep Portland Weird” is so ingrained into the fabric of this Pacific-Northwest gem of a city. Portland loves to let its freak fly, in all the best possible ways – and that’s a great thing to celebrate and a great way to live.

Find out all Portland has to offer.

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These days, Portland is also home to some of the best restaurants in the country, the craft beer capital of the world and they really love their pinball up in these neck of the woods. Portlanders are also fiercely proud of being one of the most diverse and accepting cities around.

They love their Portland Timbers soccer team and lovingly cheer on the “Rip City” Trailblazers in basketball. Portland is one of the cities that has a “small town” vibe, located in a thriving metropolis.

Even with all the funkiness and independent spirit, Portland is also a very beautiful city, surrounded and engulfed in lush nature for as far as your eyes can see.

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