Millennials are starting more businesses every year than any other generation before. Lovingly called, “millennialpreneurs,” millennials are stepping out and chasing after their business ideas in full force. Starting a business is one thing, making it successful is a whole other ballgame.

In all my years of starting, and abandoning, business ideas, I wanted to share my tips on how you can launch your biz in 10 easy steps – and a few things you should avoid along the way.

Laughing a business is easy but making it successful and profitable is something else. I'm sharing my 10 easy steps to launching your biz and what you need to do for business success. #entrepreneur #girlboss

On This Podcast:

  • I’m sharing my tips that have helped me in all my years of being an entrepreneur
  • Find out why sometimes it’s ok to abandon a business idea
  • How to create a money system for success
  • Why you need to keep yourself in check
  • How to build your profit team

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