“You don’t have to be rich, you just have to have enough to cover your bills.” Powerful words from Teri Ijeoma, the brains behind Trade and Travel. Getting good, and I mean really good, at trading stocks isn’t about being able to afford airplanes and Maserati’s, but it’s about learning a skill that can help you achieve so many money goals like paying off your student debt or just earning some extra cash to buy a house. Teri went from working in education and nonprofits to trading stocks, traveling the world, and teaching others like you and me how to do the same. This episode is all about the life-changing magic of learning how to invest in stocks.

About Teri

Teri Ijeoma began her professional career working in education and non-profits. When she started trading stocks nine years ago, she initially saw it as an opportunity to simply supplement her income. However, she was so successful with this side hustle that in 2017, she decided to quit her job, travel the world, and begin trading full-time. While traveling, Teri was constantly asked to show others how she was successfully trading in the stock market.

She set up and taught her first class in Thailand, her second in Vietnam, and had a fully-fledged curriculum created by the time she returned to the States. Teri now offers an online curriculum that shares her investing strategies with people all over the world. She also partners with organizations and companies to train and empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and build wealth through investing.

Teri received her Bachelor’s degree in Management Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and her Masters in Media and Communications from Dallas Theological Seminary. She was named 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year by National Black MBA Association and was the Grand Champion of Teachable’s 2019 Creator Challenge. You can reach her on Instagram at @imaninvestor or online at itradeandtravel.com.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why investing is about more than fancy cars and airplanes
  • How your investing practice can help you achieve some big money goals
  • Teri’s story of going from education to owning her own business
  • How to pick a good company (aka, who is hiring)
  • How to avoid some common investing mistakes
  • The average day of a stock investor


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