The Life Currency is a cool new community started by Whitney Mari that provide real-life tips to jump start your career and life post-college. I want to introduce you The Life Currency, a great new community and learning space for female millennials.

I remember when I graduated college, I really thought I had it all figured out. I had run a business in college, and while my business skills were above average, there were so many life lessons that I had yet to learn.

I spent more than I should on my first post-college apartment, I dated someone that I should’ve had the courage to part with, and I turned down opportunities because I thought they were below me. I had a lot to learn.

It’s for reasons like this that Whitney Mari decided to start The Life Currency. A community for millennial women (although guys you can learn too) can come together to learn from others about those super important first few years after college. What it takes to set yourself apart. How you should approach your first job. Why you need to build an emergency fund. And so much more.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • I’ll chat with Whitney about why she decided to start The Life Currency
  • What trends she’s seeing with millennials
  • She’ll share her own money story and what she’s learned

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