Being smart with your money is more than just knowing how to pay off debt and save for retirement. Being smart with your money is about taking inventory of your entire life, every aspect of you, and bringing that in alignment with the version of life you want to live.

Our podcast guest, Yogesh, is the CEO and co-founder of Avibra, a super innovative new app that is flipping the idea of life insurance on its side and focusing on how longevity + mortality can come together to create a unique value to current and next-generation customers.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why traditional life insurance gets a bad wrap
  • How to incorporate life insurance coverage in your financial plan
  • What living well and making smart lifestyle choices have in common with life insurance
  • What Yogesh learned growing up in a poor family in India that he’s brought to his company, Avibra
  • How seeking wellness translates in your finances
  • What Avibra is doing differently for those who earn less than $100,000



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