Find out all the cool places to eat, drink, stay and explore in Nashville with our Free Millennial Money Nashville Travel GuideWhen you think of Nashville, you may think of the popular T.V. show, Country Music hunks and hotties, cowboys with big pick-up trucks, and girls with jean shorts and cowboy boots.

Yes, Nashville has all this. However, the Music City has evolved into a hipster heaven of amazing restaurants, great hangouts, artists, musicians, and some of the most creative people on the planet.

It also happens to be one of the fastest growing cities, with thousands and thousands moving to the city each and every day. It’s definitely one happening city.

It doesn’t hurt that Nashvillians might also be some of the friendliest folks around.

On This Podcast Episode:

We went right to the source and asked some of our musician, writer and chef friends to talk about some of their favorite places to hang out in their hometown. The best recommendations always come from locals.

We are also launching our first Millennial Money Travel City Guide, and our first stop is Nashville.

Millennial Money Travel Guide:

Check out our all new awesome and amazing travel guide as we take on a tour of some of the places we love sleeping, eating, drinking, shopping, and of course listening to music around Nashville, with some social tips to fit in like a local.

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