Gina Sicilia is not your ordinary singer living in Nashville – she may just have one of the biggest voices you’ve heard in a long time. In fact, this singer with a blues-soaked booming voice hails from the great music city of Philadelphia – following in the footsteps of other Philly greats like Pink, Diplo, and Questlove.

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The move from Philly to Nashville and some personal struggles along the way inspired Sicilia to write and record her upcoming seventh album, “Tug of War,” which drops on June 2nd. This album is full of tenderly heart-exposing lyrics, combined with beautifully achy vocals.

On This Podcast Episode:

If you have not heard of Gina Sicilia you are in for a real treat on this one. Check out our conversation with this very talented singer as we chat about her new album, “Tug of War,” the musical talent that lives in Nashville, and how she loves taking a long drive while listening to 50s classic music on Sirius XM.

Like what you hear from Gina Sicilia, download her new album “Tug of War” right now.

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