Skating Polly is a family affair alternative/punk band with Oklahoma roots, with sister Peyton Bighorse on guitar, brother Kurtis Mayo on drums and sister Kelly Mayo playing the guitar/bass hybrid instrument called a basitar. An instrument that is not widely used, which shows how interesting and cool this band can really be.

Even though Skating Polly is a young band, their musical roots and rock-n-roll historic knowledge run deep, with influences from the Beatles to L.A. punk band X to the feme fatal groundbreaking artist Liz Phair to the wall of sound that was Nirvana.

On This Podcast Episode:

Time to check out a new band. We had a lot of fun chatting with this young millennial band about how the sisters formed the band after a Halloween party at ages 9 and 14, how they carve out new songs on their ukulele and what music is on their Spotify playlists these days.

My co-host for the podcast is my husband, Jeff Game, a travel, and music journalist that’s always on the hunt for a good story to tell.

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