A few months ago, we saw this week’s Lifestyle Thursday guest, singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg open for one of our favorite bands in Los Angeles. We instantly fell in with singing and his mad storytelling skills. So, we had to have him on the show.

Stephen Kellogg has gone through some big ups and some low downs in his singing career and is not afraid to chat about to his fans or other live audiences for that matter. A few years back, Stephen was tapped to do a Ted Talk in Portland on job satisfaction, which garnered a few hundred thousand views on YouTube.

On This Podcast Episode:

My co-host for the podcast is my husband, Jeff Game, a travel, and music journalist that’s always on the hunt for a good story to tell.

Check out our great conversation with the ever-talented singer/songwriter and troubadour storyteller Stephen Kellogg. We talked about his upcoming Postcard Tour starting in September, the impact on his career since his Ted Talk and how pizza is the greatest food in the world.

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