Being in a successful relationship, let alone being married, is tough enough but when you add working together, juggling creative projects, and three kids, you get to do a huge victory lap if you make that work.

Today’s podcast guests Drew and Ellie Holcomb joins us for a real-life money chat about being musicians, making the money work, dreaming up big projects like Drew’s Moon River Festival and Ellie’s children’s book, Who Sang the First Song and keeping their marriage strong.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to bring big dreams into reality
  • How these two musicians have build a life around projects that matter
  • Why they saying being on the road and touring is like dating all over again
  • The process of songwriting when you have two different approaches
  • Behind the scenes – how they decide what to spend their money on
  • The end of the year tradition they never miss out on (unless they have a new baby)
  • How they balance having kids with their dreams



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