Let’s be real for a second. The idea of traveling in a group hasn’t always been my cup of tea. Something about it always brought the same sense of fear of being in junior high and waiting for someone to pick me to be on their team. What if the other travelers don’t like or I don’t fit in?

However, there is definitely something to be said about having an expertly planned trip where I can avoid the stress of planning it all and great adventures that are within my budget. Gavin Delany, from Stride Travel, has read my mind. Stride Travel is a company that connects you with the best expertly planned trip for you so you can save time and money and most importantly have some epic adventure!

Let’s Dig In

  • Learn how to have an authentic travel experience on any budget
  • Uncover what some of the biggest costs are when you travel that you might not be aware of
  • Hear some of Gavin’s favorite travel adventures
  • Why you need to visit places now that are being affected by climate change (and what those places are)
  • Gavin’s tips to travel better in the upcoming year



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