The recent Varsity Blues scam rocked the news media, but the storyline isn’t a shock to me. I’ve been all too aware that many wealthy people have been able to scam the system for years now.  Adebisi Adebowale, the founder of Upliftology, joins us to talk about the scandal and uncover if it is possible for students to get a GOOD education in an Ivy League or non-Ivy League without scamming the system?

What You’ll Learn

  • What the Varsity Blues scandal brings to light
  • What changes need to occur in the college system to bring fairness to all
  • The facts behind how this scam was facilitated at multiple levels
  • How to use scholarships to afford college and grad school and not need to scam
  • the system
  • The issues of privileges, the elite, and the impacts on students of color applying to predominately white institutions.



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