The best part about being a podcaster is getting to create a community and deliver content that you want to hear. Your Ask Shannah questions have inspired this podcast episode, and we’re starting off with a question about how you can put your finances on auto-pilot (inquiring minds want to know). I’m a big fan of auto-pilot, mixed with a few manual pieces each month to get your money flowin’ in the right direction.

What You’ll Learn

I’m tackling three Ask Shannah questions in this episode and diving deep into some tools that you can use to help your finances for the rest of this year and beyond.

  • Learn how to put the key areas of your finances on auto-pilot – budgeting, saving, investing, banking and more
  • Learn why you should consider hiring a CPA (despite the cost) if you’re going through a milestone like getting married or having a baby or changing careers
  • Learn ways you can rebuild your savings account after you’ve had to drain it



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