Buying real estate has long been a great way to invest your money. As we saw with the mortgage meltdown, that doesn’t always hold true.

Traditional real estate investing has been associated with people who have a lot of cash. With the financial technology explosion over the last few years, companies like Groundfloor are making a way for people like you and me to invest in real estate without having to win the lottery or rob a bank. Brian, the CEO of Groundfloor, which is the first — and remains the only — company qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission to offer direct real estate debt investments available to non-accredited investors is on the podcast to share what you need to know.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Groundfloor and how is making real estate investing accessible for us all
  • What’s the difference between buying real estate and investing in real estate
  • What research should you do before you invest in real estate
  • Why Brian thinks everyone should make their own investment decisions and what you need to know
  • When should you consider investing in real estate over other money goals



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