Today’s guest, Mollie Krengel, founder of Wild Bum and Wild Hive and a warrior for living life with more adventure & meaning, thinks that we need to reframe our minds around travel and has one simple tip to help you do just that – just get out and start exploring. Traveling isn’t always about a big lavish trip but is about the experience and how that experience changes you even if you only travel a few miles from your home. And spoiler, you don’t need a big budget to do so.

How to travel on any budget

What You’ll Learn

  • Why are we not using our vacation days every year
  • What Mollie thinks is missing from travel
  • Mollie’s tricks to travel on any budget
  • Why Mollie started Wild Bum and Wild Hive
  • Why having curated travel guides is one of the best ways to travel


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