You look in your closet and can’t find a thing to wear. So, naturally, you jump online to start shopping. But, what if there was a better way? What if you could have your closet on your phone and shop your closet in a new way each day? Meet Finery.

Finery is the first digital wardrobe platform that organizes your wardrobe and uses predictive analytics to style you with the clothes you already own, founded by Brooklyn Decker (actress, model, currently on “‘Gracie and Frankie”) and Whitney Casey (former ABC and CNN anchor). Brooklyn and Whitney created Finery after realizing there was Spotify to manage our music, Tripit to manage our travel and Mint to manage our finances – why wasn’t there an app to manage our wardrobes, which women spend more on than their education?

On This Podcast Episode:

I’m talking raw and honest with Brooklyn and Whitney about what it took as female entrepreneurs to launch their new business venture, Finery. There are so many great pearls of wisdom in this podcast episode whether you just want to find a way to save money and shop your wardrobe or you want to some female to female advice on getting your business up and running.

We’re covering:

  • Why they decided to build an app that stops selling people more stuff and starts helping them use what they’ve got
  • How to find your “perfect” business partner
  • Why investors are finally excited about investing in female-owned startups
  • Debunking myths women have on how they spend, save and invest their money

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