Which should you choose: a Roth or a traditional IRA? While there are loads of factors to consider, a new survey suggests that the Roth is the clear winner.

Which should I choose: a Roth or a traditional IRA? That’s the question that always seems to be top of mind with many millennial investors.

While I’m always quick to suggest that there are many factors you should consider BESIDES which one will net you the biggest potential return in retirement, a new study by NerdWallet makes a compelling argument in favor of everyone’s favorite, the Roth.

Regardless of your retirement tax rate, it appears that the Roth is a powerhouse when it comes to outperforming its friend, the traditional IRA. Check out the podcast episode to hear what you need to know about the Roth.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • We’ll do a deep dive into this study about the Roth
  • Discuss the differences between a Roth and an IRA
  • Talk about a few factors that might stop you from going all in with a Roth
  • Understand the power of your retirement tax rate – and how you can’t possibly know what it will be now – and that’s ok

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