We have such a broad audience on this podcast, which is something I’m proud of. We’ve got listeners of all ages looking for some money wisdom. One thing that is universal, no matter what decade you find yourself in, is the desire to make smart money moves along the way. Who’s with me?

On This Podcast Episode:

Have you ever wondered what you should be doing with your money, or focusing on, now that you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s? Truth is, many of these smart money tips work for just about every age and you can use them as a checklist to see where you’re at regardless of your age.

Here’s a short cheat sheet:

  • 20’s – Figure out how to spend your money
  • 30’s – Decrease your take home pay and ramp up your lifestyle fund
  • 40’s – CYA – cover any exposure you may have that puts your money at risk
  • 50’s –  Figure out what’s your number

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