Did you know that your paycheck is your most valuable asset? Here are some tips that you need to know about how to protect your paycheck.April is Financial Literacy month and that means I plan to bring you some “controversial” money topics each Monday during the month. We’re going to start things off with a topic that most don’t like to talk about: protecting your paycheck.

It may seem silly to you at first, but your paycheck really is your most valuable asset. What happens if you’re sick or hurt and can’t get paid? You probably wouldn’t be able to pay some bills and would find yourself in a real money pinch. See how valuable your paycheck is!

Protecting your paycheck is serious business, and besides having a strong emergency fund, adding a group or individual disability insurance policy is a smart money move. Before you turn the mute button on, take a listen to this important podcast episode.

On This Podcast Episode

  • I’m sharing why protecting your paycheck is so important
  • Why you should rethink how you feel about disability insurance
  • Some of the pros and cons of group disability plans
  • The three important details you need to know before you choose a plan

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