According to the Pew Research center, only 52% of Americans invest in the stock market, and 88% of them have incomes over 100K.  Investing, even just 10  years ago, felt like something that was unattainable, confusing, and scary.

Thanks to apps like, the stock market is becoming democratized and using the power of social investing to change the game. Why not use this year to finally learn how to start investing? Our guest Katie Perry, VP of Marketing for, is here to share the power of using a social investing app that makes the stock market inclusive, educational, and fun.

What You’ll Learn

  • The power of social investing
  • How to start investing without fear
  • How to use the social community at to find companies to invest in
  • What role does financial literacy have in teaching you to invest
  • How the democratization of the stock market and implementation of community fosters responsible investing behaviors
  • What role does risk play into your investing strategy
  • Katie’s investing lessons that she’s learned while working at



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