I’m not quite sure, but somehow a million dollars became the marker of success. I can remember when I was younger saying I’m going to make a million dollars and then stop working and move to a tropical island. (I can dream, right). 

The truth is a million dollars today is not what it used to be, but what you can do is start making million-dollar choices with your money. This doesn’t mean a million is going to drop from the sky, but if you put your mind in million-dollar mode, you’ll already be ahead of the game. How do you start making million-dollar choices – good question, listen in, and I’ll let you in on the secret.

What You’ll Learn

  • Some sobering stats about the wealth gap
  • Six steps to start making million-dollar choices
  • Why you need to ditch a budget and get a money flow plan
  • How toxic thoughts and relationships might be keeping you from money success
  • The exact steps you need to start paying off your debt
  • Ways to diversify your income, investments, and your thoughts

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