Today’s episode was inspired by a listener question wanting to know how to use their summer hours to check some items off the good ole’ money checklist – the only problem is where to start. Your summer money checklist can be comprised of anything that you want to accomplish – but remember to keep it simple and relatively easy to accomplish so you’ll make sure and stick with it.

On This Podcast Episode:

I’m dishing some of my favorite items that can go on your summer money checklist:

  • Update your goals
  • Check on your beneficiaries
  • Boost your credit score (or check it out)
  • Give your 401(k) a little love
  • Negotiate a bill

These are my favs, but you can choose anything that you’d like to get checked off your list this summer. Think about all those loose ends that you haven’t tied up yet.

Also, we’re celebrating my birthday on this episode, and Jeff is joining us for a lightning round of questions all about me. Find out why we’re talking about Kenny Rogers and animal crackers and so many more funny questions thrown my way.

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