We’re in full swing with our summer reboot bringing you one of our most popular episodes about how fashion is working to solve the refugee crisis in Syria with ADIFF founder and creator, Angela Luna. While we’re on hiatus for a few weeks we’re bringing you some of our very best, most popular, and just great episodes for you to enjoy twice a week.

Angela Luna created a company called, ADIFF, and their mission is to create fashionable garments that can have practical purposes. She is a millennial entrepreneur on a mission.

Angela Luna is a millennial on a mission. As a student at Parsons School of Design, Angela turned a desire to solve the refugee crisis into a full-fledged business. Learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, Angela has already been featured on stages like TEDx talking about her mission, designs, and her passion for giving back.

You may have caught Angela’s recent Microsoft commercial (big congrats to Angela).


On This Podcast Episode:

Angela’s company, aptly called ADIFF, is focused on creating socially conscious fashion. She’s got jackets that turn into tents, jackets that turn into sleeping bags, and even jackets that turn into flotation devices, just to name a few.

We’ll chat with Angela all about her Kickstarter campaign, how she came up with the idea and why she’s so passionate about solving the refugee crisis.

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