Master Your MoneyIf your money journey is anything like mine, it hasn’t exactly been something you want to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate over. I always want to be really honest with you because I think it’s why I’m able to give you content that you can relate to…because I’ve been there.

I like all my content to be positive and approachable, unlike other personal finance experts, like my video on the 6 Deadly Money Sins at the Airport. Ok, that video might not seem positive, BUT if you do the steps you will save a ton of money, which is the best outcome ever.



I started my first business at 19, Hometown Cinema, and thought I had life all planned out. Turns out at 19 you really don’t know much about life (contrary to what you think). I ran that business for over 5 years successfully, and heck I even was offered a really high-level consulting job with Jerry Bruckheimer’s company; you know the awesome Producer of The Amazing Race and Pirates of the Caribbean. After that gig I went back and got my MBA, did some marketing consulting and then found my way into financial planning and becoming a Certified Financial Planner and eventually what I do now, which is offer one-on-one financial planning for millennials and create original content for you to learn about mastering your money with my writing, videos, courses, books and podcast.

Over the years my career has twisted and turned, but  it’s something that I’m really proud of. I’ve learned how to become a master at managing my finances, making lemons from lemonade and getting a good plan in place for the future.

I want the same thing for you!

That’s why I want to hear from you. I’ve had so many good questions come in for the Millennial Money iTunes podcast show, but now I want to ask you a different kind of question.

What do you want to know about mastering your money in your 20’s and 30’s?

Whether it’s how to finally figure out budgeting, to putting a financial plan together without spending a fortune, to supercharging your savings to how to travel the world on your budget. Ask away, as many questions as you have!

Please do me a favor, pretty please. Take a minute, or even less, and fill in the survey below. It will help me create the content that YOU want to learn about. For taking the time, I give you my full permission to go out and have a treat today – get that Starbucks, grab some ice cream or go crazy and order dessert with dinner.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Just fill in the survey below.

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