The story behind So Worth Loving, and how a simple blog, and what appears to be a simple message, has ignited a T-shirt company.

So you have a blog. You decide one day to take on the message of Love, and ask everyone who is reading your blog to send in a T-Shirt so you can stencil in the words, “So Worth Loving.” To your surprise, an overwhelming amount of people respond and before you know it, you have a thriving company.

That’s just how it happened for Eryn Eddy Erickson, and her company, you guessed it, So Worth Loving. 

Giving up the comfy paycheck and relatively stress-free life, Eryn has turned this socially conscious clothing and apparel company into a global message about the power of love, and being loved. After all, aren’t all so worth loving?

On this podcast, I chat with Eryn about her somewhat unlikely fall into the entrepreneurial world and the important money lessons she’s learned along the way.

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