James Edward "Eddie" Davis, aka the chef, and Kevin VanBlarcum (Brewer), have created a cookbook that rises above the rest. They've paired everyone's favorite grilled cheese with tasty brews. Sometimes, when you let your imagination run free don’t you have crazy ideas of creating something awesome, starting your own business or maybe even writing a book? Well, this week’s guests on Millennial Money Lifestyle Thursday have now done all three.

Authors of the new book, “Grilled Cheese & Beer, Recipes for the Finer Things in Life,” Kevin Vanblarcum and James “Eddie” Davis had this crazy idea of combining grilled cheese and beer and ended up getting a book deal.

This newly released book is a fun and unique cookbook with mouthwatering grill cheese recipes, paired with a cold beer.

On This Episode:

Check out our conversation with beer master Kevin and chef Eddie as we talk about taking a lifeguard class with a publisher, making puns, and grilled cheese wrapped in bacon.

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