Today on Millennial Money we’re doing a podcast swap with one of my favorite podcasters, Farnoosh Torabi. You may know her from her podcast, So Money where she shares stories of personal finance, entrepreneurship, financial success and money strategy. She’s got everyone from celebrities to everyday people on her show and each episode packs a serious punch of inspiration and education.

On This Podcast Episode:

Farnoosh is dishing some of her own stories of financial success and struggle as she’s made her way from journalist to acclaimed author to podcast host…and so much more. This was a super fun episode as I got to go behind the scenes with Farnoosh as she talked about her career journey, managing money in a relationship (this isn’t easy for anyone) and what keeps her inspired and focused on always creating great content on So Money.

Today, we’re doing a podcast swap too. You can check out my interview with Farnoosh on So Money after you’ve listened to this episode.

My Ask Shannah question is from Joe and it’s all about the steps you should take after you’ve got your money spread out – retirement, college fund, credit cards and more. While there’s never one answer to that question, it always comes back to your goals and the life you want to live. Matching your money as best you can to those goals will ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

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