If you open your Instagram or FB app, there’s this unrealistic force that hits you. You can call it FOMO or whatever you like, but the feeling that you need to make millions of dollars in your business and life and work harder and better than everyone else. It’s unrealistic because it will burn you out fast – I speak from personal experience and I’ve witnessed countless others feel the same burn. Today’s podcast guest, Paul Jarvis, is showing us why bigger isn’t always better.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Paul Jarvis says he doesn’t need to make $1 million in business to be successful
  • How to avoid getting trapped in FOMO regarding your business and life
  • What steps you can take this year to increase revenue while still keeping your business aligned with your goals
  • The evolution of Paul’s new book: Company of One, and the most powerful lessons from the book
  • Why rats make good pets (seriously)



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