There are so many money apps out there! Excuse my over-emphasis here, but there are so many money apps that it’s easy to find yourself in a state of app overload. I surely haven’t tested all the apps out there, but thanks to this show I’d had a first-hand look at so many that I think are worthy of a download and a permanent place on your phone. I’m dishing a few of my favorites in this episode to help you spend, save, grow, and protect your cash.

What You’ll Learn

  • The best money apps for online banking that offer no-fees and a slew of other benefits
  • Two great apps to help you save money on your purchases, Raise and Slide, and why CEO Jay Klauminzer says these are must-have apps
  • Why contactless payments are revolutionizing the app game
  • How to use money apps to protect your cash
  • My PIVOT system to transform your cash and help you achieve your money goals


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