This year has been unlike any we’ve known before and when it comes to earning money, freelancing has taken over the world. In fact, according to a recent statistic, 12% of the U.S. workforce started freelancing since COVID and in total there are about 57 million freelance workers in the U.S.

Here’s what you need to know about freelancing…managing your money from taxes to savings and everything in between can be tough. In this episode, Lilac Bar David, Co-
Founder and CEO of Lili, the all-in-one banking app designed just for freelancers, is sharing tips and tricks you need to know as a freelancer to manage your money easily and effectively.

Meet Lilac

Lilac Bar David is Co-Founder and CEO of Lili, the all-in-one banking app designed for freelance workers. She is an experienced chief executive with over 10 years in the fintech space and a demonstrated history of founding, managing, and leading operations at multiple finance companies. Prior to Lili, Lilac founded Pepper, the first and only challenger bank in Israel, and was its CEO for over three years. Lilac also served as EVP of Business Development for Leumi Card (now known as Max) at Bank Leumi, where she forged strategic partnerships and established a program for early-stage fintech startups. Lilac received her bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting and her MBA from Tel Aviv University. She is based in New York.

What You’ll Learn

  • The pain points every freelancer faces when it comes to money
  • How to think about money as a freelancer
  • Typical money mistakes freelancers and entrepreneurs make
  • How Lili is helping freelancers manage their money with ease
  • Why you need to set up money buckets


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