Are you looking at your career this year and thinking it just isn’t riding on the fast lane as you had hoped? You’re so not alone. This year has been rough on many careers and salaries, not to mention working at home juggling your partner’s weird snack breaks and your neighbor who likes to run the lawnmower just when you’re hopping on a Zoom call. But I don’t want you to stay stuck.

Jacqueline Twillie is back to share the insider secrets to know your value (aka how to fatten up your paycheck), master negotiation (without breaking out in a sweat), and take back your life and career next year.

Meet Jacqueline

When it comes to career advice, Jacqueline is my go-to. She’s been on the show a few times and is an auntie, latte lover, President of ZeroGap, passionate about ending the wage gap, 2 times best selling author, and a Saints fan. She’s coined the phrase, Nah, I know my value, and in this episode, she’s going to teach you how to know your value as well to earn more and live better.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to truly know your value
  • What we get wrong with knowing our value
  •  Ways to communicate your value to your boss or potential hires
  • 5 lies about negotiation that are keeping you stuck
  • Jacqueline’s insider secrets to earning more and living better
  • How to negotiate for expenses when you work from home


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