As Dan Weissmann, host of An Arm and a Leg podcast says, “You gotta be ready to do some pretty good adulting to figure out this whole health care thing.”

Health care is crazy. People are declaring bankruptcy, no one really knows what kind of coverage they have, and the whole process is just plain screwed up. If you’ve been trying to understand health insurance and frustrated with the system in place, this podcast episode is for you!  As Dan says, we may be screwed, but at least we’re all screwed together.

What You’ll Learn

  • What do we really need to know about health insurance that the experts aren’t telling us
  • Why you should always negotiate your hospital bill – and how to do it
  • Some of the craziest stories Dan has heard on his podcast, An Arm and a Leg
  • How to figure your way through the cost of health insurance
  • Why you need to know what you have before a disaster happens
  • Why Dan decided to start the podcast and what’s up for season 2



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