How does debt make you feel? Maybe you feel anxiety, stress, fear, outrage, or even depression when you think about your debt. If this is you, please, first know you are not alone in these feelings. Debt is one of the #1 reasons for anxiety and depression and has even been described as a heavyweight that is pushing down on you every second of the day.

Melanie Lockert, the brains behind the successful blog Dear Debt, and the Mental Health and Wealth podcast, is sharing her story of dealing with debt, depression, and how she paid off over $81,000 in the process.

mental health and wealth

What You’ll Learn

  • Tricks to help you deal with anxiety and depression around money
  • The connection between debt and mental health
  • How to use side hustles to pay down your debt
  • Melanie’s story of paying off $81,000 of debt
  • How Melanie built a career sharing her debt journey
  • The art of finding joy, beauty, and pleasure each day


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