There always has to be a why when searching for financial independence. Why do you want to want to save money, why do you want to buy a house, why do you want to change your career, why do you want to retire early?

Whatever the why is for you, it’s important that you know why because your why determines everything – how much you need to save, where you should live, what things matter to you, and your why also keeps you from competing with others.

Our guest on this episode, Bola Sokumbi, is a finance expert, author, podcaster, and founder of Clever Girl Finance discovered her why way back in college when she saved 100K in three years – that is no small feat. She did all sorts of things to save the money, stuff that you and I might think is crazy… but it worked. And now she wants to show you how you can find your why, create massive change in your life, and have some fun doing it.

What You’ll Learn

  • The steps Bola took to save 100K in three years
  • The money lessons Bola learned from her mom that helped her in her financial journey
  • Why Bola decided to write a book and the chapters she thinks you need to read ASAP
  • What’s one piece of money advice Bola wished every woman knew
  • How to achieve big money goals when they feel so far away



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