Raise your hand if you are guilty of this…you hit the buy now button without even thinking. I know I certainly am. But what if all those buy-now purchases are moving you further away from your dreams and goals without you consciously being aware of it? In today’s episode with money-saving expert Jeanette Pavini, we move from mindless spending to mindful spending and uncover the secret to finding joy in saving money.

It’s no secret that I love to talk about saving money. I think so much of “doing money” can seem like a chore or a task, or even stress-inducing. It’s way easier to just spend money than save it, especially if you’re saving for something that feels really big and expensive.  The shift I’ve really done in the last few years is very consciously taking money tasks that feel chore-like and finding the fun and joy in them. I can’t say it’s a magic potion, but wow, it sure has changed things for me in all areas of my life, and I want the same thing for you.

You are going to LOVE Jeanette.  She’s a 2X Emmy award-winning consumer reporter and shares her financial expertise with hundreds of media outlets. She’s also the author of a new book called The Joy of $aving. By the end of this episode, you will completely change your thought pattern around saving money and walk away with some sneaky tips to find money in your bank account right now.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn the 3-step strategy to creating a money-saving system you can win with
  • What’s stopping you from finding joy in saving money
  • How to create a better relationship with money
  • The power of looking at your expenses every single day
  • Sneaky ways to find major savings in your bank account right now


Meet Jeanette

JEANETTE PAVINI is a 2x Emmy Award-winning consumer reporter and advocate completing over 10,000 money-saving stories. Pavini has shared her financial expertise with hundreds of media outlets including Good Morning America, Oprah.com, HuffPost, Better Homes & Gardens, AARP, and TheStreet. She’s been a featured guest contributor on The Today Show and a money contributor to Hallmark’s Home & Family, as well as a columnist for WSJ Sunday and MarketWatch. And now Jeanette has taken her best tips, tactics, and strategies and put them into her new book, The Joy of $aving.

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