Jessi Fearon and her husband tackled two of life’s biggest challenges all at once – managing the cost of raising a family while simultaneously paying off debt of over $55 …they didn’t have superpowers or win the lottery, but we’re showing how they did it in this episode (and how you can as well).

As Jessi says, “Life takes on new meaning when you’re not strapped down by monthly payments. Living debt-free changes you in such beautiful and powerful ways.” Most of us have this love-hate relationship with debt – we love the stuff it buys us, but hate it when we’ve got to make those monthly payments. Debt-free is always the goal, but I’m going to be honest with you, working as a financial planner for over 15 years, debt comes and goals for most of us. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re in a debt phase…just keep putting one foot in front of another to chip away and let Jessi’s story inspire you to keep going.


What You’ll Learn

  • What does it mean to be debt-free
  • What paying off debt has taught Jessi about her relationship to money
  • How people get trapped in the debt cycle and what steps should you take to break it
  • How debt impacts your budget when you’re also raising a family
  • How to overcome roadblocks when you’re trying to pay off debt
  • How soon-to-be parents can prepare their bank accounts for a newborn
  • The one tip Jessi says you can’t live without when you’re trying to pay off debt



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