How many times have you tried to budget only to find yourself unmotivated, stress out, and ready to just give up on it all? You are not alone. Most people don’t enjoy budgeting and just give up after a few months. However, there is power in knowing what money is coming in and out of your bank account. In this jam-packed episode, Rob Bertman, CFA, CFP, and the founder of Family Budget Expert, will show you how to use a three-step method to finally do budgeting right.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why budgeting doesn’t work for most people
  • Why budgeting is important, even if it feels like a chore
  • How to use Rob’s three-step method to manage your budget
  • The best tools to help you with your budget
  • How to budget as a couple


Meet Rob

Rob Bertman, CFA, CFP is the founder of Family Budget Expert. He helps couples and families cut their spending so they can go from feeling behind & arguing about money to the new reality of building savings and getting out of debt without a restrictive budget.

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