“Life is the accumulation of all the little individual choices you make on a daily basis.” Powerful words from our guest Todd Miller, who is the author of an outstanding book titled Enrich. In fact, Enrich has been named as one of the 8 Books to Help You Find Financial Bliss by Entrepreneur Magazine.

If you’ve ever wanted to create an enriched life full of time, money, and meaning, this episode has your name on it.

life on your terms, budgeting

What You’ll Learn

  • The power of creating a vision for your life
  • Why you need a personal mission statement
  • How to connect your bank account with your goals and vision
  • Ways to set daily goals and milestones to achieve success
  • How to avoid the default setting in life

Meet Todd

Todd Miller is an entertainment CEO who has extensively researched and aggressively experimented with the work-life equation for over a quarter-century. While scaling the corporate ladder, Miller skillfully structured two sabbaticals, intentionally created a family through adoption, cycled coast to coast across two continents in support of children’s charities, and explored more than 100 countries on all seven continents. Drawing on ENRICH principles, Miller built time wealth and passive income while working full time. At age 53, the American-born author has retired on the Andaman Sea in Thailand.


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