Are you having moments when you’re thinking, “Is this really my life and all my career will be?” I’m here to say that you can grow into your purpose with your career and make a big impact right now. My podcast guest, Ahyiana Angel, host of the podcast Switch Pivot or Quit and published author, is here to show you how you can transform your career for the New Year.

What I Ask

  • After making a career transformation yourself, what did you learn about growing into your purpose?
  • Why do we stay in a job we don’t like and perpetuate those feelings of “this can’t be my life”?
  • Is it unreasonable to think that you can make a career move and find your passion and make money at it?
  • You host a great podcast, Switch Pivot or Quit – what are some of the most powerful tips you’ve learned from your podcast guests about improving their professional and personal lives?
  • Let’s say I’m yearning to make a career move in the new year but I’m scared – how do I figure out the pros and cons?
  • What’s been the most powerful career lesson you’ve learned through your career transformation?

What You’ll Learn

  • How to decide is now is the right time to make a Switch, Pivot or Quit your job
  • How to turn passion into an impactful career that isn’t solely focused on making money (but you still make money)
  • Why it takes time to grow into your purpose in your career
  • The steps you should be thinking about before you make a drastic career transformation



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