We live in a noisy world – there’s noise on social media, noise on the TV, noise at work and noise in the investing world. I have to admit it’s hard to know what to pay attention to, let alone know what to invest in and when.

Michele Schneider, the author of Plant Your Money Tree, is our guest on this episode dishing what you need to know to tune out the investing noise and tune into what you need to know. She’s somewhat of a legend in the investing world and trailblazing woman with pearls of wisdom.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to know what to pay attention to when it comes to investing and what to ignore
  • What role social media is playing in keeping you broke and miserable
  • How Mish turned away from her parent’s goal of her being a teacher to take on the investing world
  • Why you need to understand the 6 phases in the market to become a successful investor
  • Her favorite bits of wisdom from her new book, Plant Your Money Tree



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