Let’s face it, the cruise industry does even get what a traveler in their 40s wants to do, see, and explore and they certainly do not know what an experience is these days. Let alone an experienced millennial traveler in their 20s and 30s just like you. So when you’re thinking about where to spend your travel dollars…if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for an experience.

When we think of cruising usually old school visions of the 70s TV show the Love Boat might pop into our brains, with endless buffets of gluttony, shore excursions to remote location in a beat-up tour bus with no air conditioning and of course the horror stories we see online of ships making people sick, flooding or just horrible customer service. These are the cruise ships of your parents and grandparents.

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Prompted by a question from Rebekah, who was searching for a unique travel experience, I uncovered U by Uniworld.

U by Uniworld have begun a cruising revolution with their newly launched European river cruises for the next generations and beyond, designed for those with a passion for exploring and taste for authentic adventures. Chic comfortable ships that double as social clubs, silent disco clubs, mixology and fine cooking classes, rooftop yoga, locally-sourced designed menus and experiences in some of Europe’s top cities like Paris, Budapest, and Amsterdam that will blow your mind. That’s right, this is not your parents or grandparents cruise ships.

I had the pleasure to chat up Ellen Bettridge, President, and CEO about one of the hottest new adventures that has the travel world all abuzz these days, U by Uniworld European River Cruises.

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