We tend to talk about money in a very pragmatic way – do these seven steps, save this much, don’t do this, make sure you have a budget, etc. All good tips, but there’s something else. For most of us, we know what we should do, but life gets in the way. These blockages can build up over time and stop us from achieving our goals.

Reiki is a technique I started using last year to help clear blockages so I could achieve goals. On this episode, we’re dishing all you need to know about Reiki with Shannon Marzella, who is an intuitive and Reiki energy healer.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Reiki and how can it help you with your finances
  • What happens to you in a Reiki session
  • What causes us all to create blockages to achieving goals
  • A few takeaways from my Reiki session with Shannon
  • Why alternative healing might be the missing piece in your life – and why it is not as scary as it sounds



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